As a Business

What’s involved?

We offer a fresh approach to corporate and business social responsibility. By developing a partnership with your business, we can work with you in one of the following four ways. We can:

  • Offer a bespoke programme that enables colleagues to think about their wellbeing (using the Five Ways to Wellbeing) and provides employees with the opportunity to give their time, a key component of wellbeing.
  • Offer employees the opportunity to become a member of someone’s Community Circle
  • Deliver comprehensive Community Circles facilitator training to your employees, and then support them to become circles facilitators within the community in which you work
  • Develop a funding partnership through which we work together to source funding for the role of a Community Circles Connector


What do you gain?

Employee wellbeing

Wellbeing has two main elements: feeling good and functioning well. By engaging with Community Circles your employees can increase their own wellbeing by engaging with sustainable and innovative volunteering opportunities that establish a sense of community around your business activities.

Transferable skills

A partnership between your business and Community Circles will also provide opportunities for the development of key transferable skills and experiences for staff. This includes improved interpersonal communication skills, engagement with positive and productive meetings, knowledge and experience of using person-centred thinking tools and group facilitation skills.

Evidence of the difference your CSR strategy is making

We can write up the stories and examples from Community Circles that your business has supported, and draft excellent information for your annual report.

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