As a Community Group

Community groups exist at the heart of their communities, and provide support and activities to so many different people across society. Community Circles offer another way for such groups to contribute to their local area. A relationship would allow us to engage with local groups in many ways. You can:

  • Invite us to talk to your group at a meeting, where we will introduce Community Circles and the difference they could make to local people, and ways that your members could get involved
  • Offer members the opportunity to join someone’s circle
  • Offer members the opportunity to train as a circle facilitator
  • Find ways to share information about Community Circles with people who may benefit from having a circle
  • Support Community Circles financially in a number of different ways, by providing a venue to host training or by sponsoring the development of key resources and training materials, or contributing to funding a local Community Connector’s role


What do you gain?

A relationship between Community Circles and your group could provide you with the opportunity to engage with and support more people in your wider community. It also offers your members an innovative way to participate in meaningful volunteering, and can develop new and lasting relationships across the community in which you operate.


Wellbeing has two main elements: feeling good and functioning well. By engaging with Community Circles your members can increase their own wellbeing by engaging with sustainable and innovative volunteering opportunities that strengthen further their sense of community.

Transferable skills

A partnership between your group and Community Circles will also provide your members with opportunities for the development of key transferable skills and experiences, such as improved interpersonal communication skills, engagement with positive and productive meetings, knowledge and experience of using person-centred thinking tools, as well as group facilitation skills.

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