As a Mentor

Community Circles are about helping people feel supported and listened to. A mentor can help the people who facilitate circles to feel the same.

That’s why we match a mentor to every facilitator to provide helpful advice and handy tips whenever they need them. Mentoring is a voluntary role, which usually requires just a couple of hours a month. It is a flexible role that can be easily carried out around other commitments. Mentors usually have a good knowledge of how Community Circles work.

Our mentors are:
  • Great listeners and problem solvers
  • Trustworthy
  • Good communicators
And this is what is important to them…
  • Developing great relationships
  • Supporting others to develop their own skills
  • Giving advice and supporting problem solving
  • Drawing on your own experiences to coach others
  • Using your judgement and creativity to help someone think about the best way to facilitate a circle meeting
  • Sharing knowledge and experience of person-centred approaches with a facilitator to help them in their facilitation
  • That you have a couple of hours a month to support between one and three facilitators.
We will support you by:
  • Matching you to Community Circles facilitators to mentor
  • Providing online support via Facebook, Twitter and Groupsite
  • Introducing you to a Community Circles Connector to talk through any issues you’d like to clarify

If you would like to get involved or would like to know more, contact one of our Community Circle Connectors.

To find out more about being a mentor, download and view a PDF of the one-page profile for a Community Circles Mentor.


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