As a School or College

What’s involved?

We are exploring lots of different ways that Community Circles can be useful to both mainstream and special schools and colleges. A partnership between Community Circles and your school can generate Community Circles for pupils and their families. You can connect with Community Circles in the following ways:

  • Invite us to meet your school leadership team to introduce Community Circles and share different ways that people can get involved either by joining a Community Circle or training to become a facilitator
  • Offer members of staff the opportunity to join someone’s Community Circle
  • Share information about how Community Circles can help with pupils and families
  • Create a partnership between your school or college and Community Circles. Develop a joint funding bid to recruit a full-time Community Circles Connector to be based within your school or college


What do you gain?

Children, young people and families who have a Community Circle

We know that young people have many difficult decisions to make in their early years that can shape their future. Circles are a fantastic way of ensuring that young people have the support that they require to make these decisions. We also recognise that many young people require more support than can be provided to them by their families and teachers, and circles are a very useful way of articulating what this support looks like, and developing an action plan to take this support forward. Circles are also available to staff members who may feel as if a circle could support them, and can be a great way for people to develop new relationships outside their current networks of support.


Your colleagues who become Community Circle facilitators


Wellbeing has two main elements: feeling good and functioning well. By engaging with Community Circles your staff can increase their own wellbeing by engaging with sustainable and innovative volunteering opportunities that establish a sense of community around your school or college.

Transferable skills

A partnership between your school or college and Community Circles will also provide your staff with opportunities for the development of key transferable skills and experiences, such as improved interpersonal communication skills, engagement with positive and productive meetings, knowledge and experience of using person-centred thinking tools, as well as group facilitation skills.

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