New innovations in Wigan

At Community Circles we are delighted to have secured funding from Wigan Council’s Care Home Innovation Fund to work with care homes to develop Community Circles in the Borough. This is our first funding to come from a local authority and an exciting development which...

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Keeping dreams alive through Community Circles

  Aspiration A hope or ambition of achieving something   Is there an age when our dreams diminish or disappear?  Or do we get to a time in our lives when we stop dreaming because that time has passed?  Do we get new dreams as we get older?  Do we continue to...

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‘No man is an Island’

‘No man is an Island’. Most people in the English speaking world are familiar with this famous quotation from the writings of John Donne. These five words written in the 16th century highlight the connectedness of people. They encapsulate the idea that no one is...

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Christmas Connections

Community Circles is all about people; who we know in our local community, what gifts and assets people and communities have and developing reciprocal relationships.  For the people we support at EachStep Blackburn who live with dementia, keeping connected to their...

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It’s a pleasure to be working together in Wigan…

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