Innovations with Wellbeing Teams in Dumfries

Have you found yourself thinking that the stairs are getting steeper, the TV is blurrier or regularly having to stretch because your legs are stiff? Welcome to maturity! I read a funny story recently:  Margaret recognised someone they went to school with, and was...

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What’s next for Community Circles?

Since 2012, we’ve been exploring how to create Circles at scale, so we can make them available to as many people as possible. We’ve considered and started to explore lots of different routes to doing this – including partnering with care homes and home care services,...

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Calling care homes across Wigan!

As part of our new partnership with Wigan MBC, we're looking for care homes in the Wigan area who would like to develop Community Circle in their home to help in delivering personalised care. We're coming to Wigan Are you a care home manager or owner in Wigan...

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New innovations in Wigan

At Community Circles we are delighted to have secured funding from Wigan Council’s Care Home Innovation Fund to work with care homes to develop Community Circles in the Borough. This is our first funding to come from a local authority and an exciting development which...

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Keeping dreams alive through Community Circles

  Aspiration A hope or ambition of achieving something   Is there an age when our dreams diminish or disappear?  Or do we get to a time in our lives when we stop dreaming because that time has passed?  Do we get new dreams as we get older?  Do we continue to...

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