How Community Circles and care homes can work together

It’s a really exciting time for Community Circles. In a week, EachStep Blackburn is opening – a a cutting-edge £5 million dementia care home that with Community Circles support built in to heart of their offer.

This is the first time we have a Community Circles Connector working at a care home, and we’re really excited about the potential for people living at EachStep, staff and the community. We’ve worked with care home residents before on an individual basis, such as May, and we know what Circles can achieve in this setting. Being based at EachStep full-time gives us the chance to make a bigger impact and reach more people, developing a care home that’s truly integrated into their local community – just as it should be!


How do Community Circles benefit people in a care home setting?

Community Circles can help people to achieve any goal that they choose, and we’re going to be using person-centred practices with people to help them set theirs. Some examples include:

  • Supporting people to get out and about
  • Supporting people to stay in touch with friends or 
  • Supporting people to continue doing something they enjoy or 
trying something new
  • Meeting new people
  • Supporting people to reconnect with their faith community
  • Getting involved in volunteering opportunities

As well as the benefits for the individual through their Community Circle, staff members and the care home itself will see many benefits from providing a truly person-centred service. We’ll be helping EachStep to develop connections with their local community, gain experience of person-centred approaches, develop staff skills and demonstrate a commitment of creative, innovative, personal support. This in turn will reflect positively on their brand and marketing.


How can Community Circles partner with a care home?

There are a couple of ways that we can partner with care homes.

We’d start by identifying need – working with you to decide on the number of circles you would like and the time it would take to develop. Then we’d outline the costs of buying a Connector’s time and can provide a Connector to work with you.

We can also support you to employ a Connector.  We’ll then support you every step of the way, from recruitment, to training, to funding applications and project delivery. We’ll even help you to evaluate impact, and share this with the world by providing our communications support and experience. As a social franchise, we have all the tools at our disposal to do this seamlessly, by bringing our existing promotional materials, experience and ways of working to your care home in the same way we’re doing at EachStep.

Alternatively, you might already have a Community Connector working in your area. In this case, they could support your care home to partner with another local organisation to develop a ‘swap’ system, where staff from each organisation act as facilitators within the other organisation. This would give you an efficient and effective way to build a pool of facilitators, to the mutual benefit of both organisations, through partnership working. This works well because although staff aren’t appropriate as independent facilitators within their own organisation, they could act as independent facilitators for the partner.


Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about the potential of partnerships between Community Circles and care homes, contact Cath, Community Circles Connector via e-mail at or on 07979331745 to arrange a chat.