Creating brilliant Circles with Wellbeing Teams franchises

Wellbeing team and Debbie
Wellbeing Teams, an innovative new social enterprise that provides care at home, have partnered with Community Circles to help people they support to do more of what matters to them with the support of those around them. As the number of franchises continues to grow, we’re growing too; and we’re committed to supporting them every step of the way to create brilliant Circle experiences for everyone they care for. Here, Harriet tells us how.


The story so far

In my last blog, I outlined how Community Circles are an integral part of Wellbeing Teams, and talked about how Connectors work in partnership with the Wellbeing Workers. Since then things have been moving fast in the world of Wellbeing Teams; and I wanted to update you on how we’re rising to this exciting new challenge.

We are now working with four innovative care providers who are delivering Wellbeing Teams. These are love2care in Paignton and Torquay, Complete Care and Wellbeing in Doncaster, and Rainbow Services and Complete Care Solutions in Dumfries. We have benefited enormously from working and learning with these organisations and now we are setting up a franchise model with new partners. A number of new Wellbeing Teams franchises have been confirmed, so their reach is growing fast. This is fantastic news for people who need a little extra help to live well in their own home, and we’re committed to making it a huge success.


How we work with Wellbeing Teams

Community Circles is an integral part of the way Wellbeing Teams work. They use what is known as the Wellbeing Teams Support Sequence to think through solutions that might best help people to achieve the change they want to see in their life, and we slot right in there. It looks like this:


One of the things I’ve learned in the past few weeks is that Community Circles is a new way of working and thinking for providers who are taking the leap from providing traditional home care to supporting self-managed Wellbeing Teams. All our care provider partners are utterly committed to providing care and support in new ways, but as is natural with something totally new, they have had a lot of questions about how Community Circles fit with Wellbeing Teams and what benefits they bring to the development of their businesses as a whole. Part of my role is to answer these questions, so everyone becomes as passionate about Circles as we are.

As we find new partners to work with, I thought it might be helpful to describe why a Community Circle benefits both the people supported and the franchisee partner organisation.


What benefits Circles provide to franchisees

  • Circles Connectors work with people supported to help build natural connections and support within families, friends and the local neighbourhood. This builds on the work by Wellbeing Workers who provide person-centred care and support. Integrating this alongside Community Circles’ volunteer- and community-based way of working means that franchisee partners are able to help the person to do more of what matters to them, within the same resource envelope.
  • Community Connectors are active in the local community and develop communication and marketing plans within the first 6 weeks of their role. They work hard to promote the franchisee organisation, the Wellbeing Teams model and Community Circles themselves. Our Connectors are selected in part for their aptitude in making links with local partners, voluntary organisations and finding out about local communities. This makes them a real-life ‘social networker’! In fact, one of our Connectors even has her own local radio show.
  • Community Connectors work with their Wellbeing Team to find new people to support both with care and with Community Circles, supporting the businesses’ growth.
  • Community Circles work with Volunteer Facilitators and Circle Members and has a tried-and-tested way of recruiting, training, supporting and managing volunteers. This means that Wellbeing Teams franchisees can be confident that Community Circles are helping them to develop meaningful community links through their established model, deepening their involvement with their local area and ‘giving back’ by skill- and capacity-building. Again, this helps them to grow local awareness by developing strong, valued relationships.
  • Community Connectors are closely linked to Community Circles, where they can benefit from learning about best practice and be linked up with what is happening across the country. The provider organisation benefits from being a part of this learning network.


A step-by-step approach

These are just a few of the ways that Community Circles add value and create better outcomes for people using home care. With Wellbeing Teams now growing in number, we’re now at a point where we can step-up our dedicated support through Community Circles.

As a result, my role at Community Circles changed a few weeks ago. It became clear that as Wellbeing Advisor for Community Circles, I needed more capacity to work on Wellbeing Teams, so that both the Connectors and the Wellbeing Teams franchisees get the best possible support. Now I am working exclusively on Wellbeing Teams and I can see that it is a role that is going to grow and develop with exciting speed over the next few months! My role as Advisor is to support the franchisee provider partner in a number of ways, including:

  • Agreeing a shared vision of how Circles will work within their organisation, looking particularly at what success looks like for the provider, the Connector, people supported and Community Circles. I use our One Page Strategy approach to support this; and my experience in working with Circles means that we can add meaningful insight here that will help the franchisee to really develop their vision.
  • Helping them to recruit the best possible person to take on the role of Circles Connector. We recruit the Connector at the same time as the rest of the Wellbeing Team, in a values-based workshop day. It is important to ensure that the Connector is a great match with the rest of the Wellbeing Team and shares the group values. The decision about who to appoint is made together with the provider and Community Circles. By supporting the franchisee here, we’re bringing our experiences of what important traits we need to see in a Connector for them to really shine.
  • Providing induction, ongoing training and coaching to the Community Connector in a variety of formats, including e-learning, video conferencing workshops and face-to-face time. Our Wellbeing Connectors also meet via video calls on a weekly basis to learn from and to support each other. This makes up a package of support that ensures that the Circles we create together are running smoothly and delivering brilliant outcomes.


Want to learn more?

I’m going to be sharing more blogs as we develop alongside Wellbeing Teams, but if you’d like to know more about franchising opportunities in the meantime, visit You can also follow me on Twitter @HarrietCCircles or email me.