How Do Community Circles Help?

A Community Circle starts with a person and a purpose. The person’s purpose may be to meet new people, deal with a particular problem, follow a dream or ambition, or get some help or support.

Community Circles identifies people in that person’s life who can help and are happy to do so.
We have an informal meeting and together, we decide on an action plan.

The people in the circle carry out the actions that will help the person start to do or carry on doing things that are important to them.

The focus person gets the help and support that is just right for them. The people in the circle have made a real difference to someone’s life.

Everyone in the circle gains by being part of something shared, focused and often life changing.

Read how Community Circles have helped change people’s lives

Is there any evidence that they make a difference?

The London School of Economics did a small-scale piece of research on circles of support and found that having a Community Circle can be economically beneficial for people who receive support. Access and read the research paper here or select the image below.


Image of the front cover of the research paper Circles of Support and Personalisation


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