Recruiting 3 new Connectors in partnership with AgeUK Doncaster



We are delighted to share that in partnership with Age UK Doncaster we have recruited three Community Circles Connectors.  We’re really excited to be growing our team and our partnerships and are looking forward to be developing more Community Circles with older people in Doncaster.

Through our recruitment process we were keen to recruit the right staff, people with a passion and commitment for developing circles, enthusiastic about making a difference in their local community and who would be the right fit for both our organisations.

Our process for recruitment moves away from a traditional interview process and incorporates our Teal principles of self management, bringing the whole self to work and evolutionary purpose. You can read more about Teal here

Skills for Care shares information and guidance about values based recruitment; finding the right people who have the right values, attitudes and behaviours.  Through our recruitment process we were keen to learn more about the person, their values and their commitment to the Doncaster community.

Our process needed to reflect our aims of values based recruitment and support us to gather the necessary information.

For the role of Community Circles Connector, we wanted to make sure that interested people had full details and understanding of the role; the recruitment pack contains information about the role, the essence of a connector, core responsibilities as well as where people can use their judgement and creativity and details of opportunities within the role and support given.

As well as completing an application form; responding to questions which shared information about how people had responded to previous challenges and the contributions they are already making to their local community, we asked people to complete a one page profile.  A one page profile is a snap shot of a person, sharing what others appreciate about them, what’s important to them and what good support for that person looks like.

This supports us to see the whole person which is a key part of a Teal organisation.

For shortlisted applicants they were also given a day to day guide of a Connectors role and the opportunity to chat with a Connector which supports them to gain a deeper understanding of the day to day roles, opportunities and challenges.

From the start of the day we spent with Vickie and Colin from AgeUK Doncaster and the candidates, we took time to get to know each person and their personal stories. By taking Fink cards and answering the questions in an opening round, we encouraged the candidates to relax and be themselves.  We were keen to ensure that the atmosphere was supportive and informal.  You can never escape the fact that people are competing to gain a new role, but we wanted each person to have the best opportunity to demonstrate their skills and passions. We also wanted people to enjoy the day and fully understand the work of Age Uk Doncaster and their partnership with Community Circles.

The assessment consisted of a range of activities that gave everyone the chance to shine.  We started with a group activity, moved onto a group presentation and then asked each person to show the presentation that had prepared before the day.  A more traditional individual interview followed.  Watching the group bond and work together was fascinating and it became apparent very early on in the day that we were meeting a very strong group of candidates.  We knew that it was going to be a challenge to choose just three Connectors from the group of six experienced, motivated and interesting people we had in the room.

By the end of the day, we were confident that we had chosen three amazing people to be Connectors and all of us on the panel were full of enthusiasm and excitement for the developing project ahead.  We can’t wait to welcome the new Connectors both to their new roles with AgeUK Doncaster and to the wider network of Community Circles Connectors.  We feel confident that they will thrive and bring so much to their new roles.

With the right people in place, our focus is now on designing the best possible introduction to our organisations.  You can expect to see blogs from our new Connectors very soon!