What is a Community Circle?

Community Circles are a way for friends and family to support someone, through conversation and actions, supported by a facilitator. The facilitator helps the friends’ and family’s conversation to move to action, through person-centred practices. Community Circles are a way for us to support each other in our local community.



Each Community Circle has a purpose – this is the reason why the person wants a circle. It may be to meet new people, get practical support, feel stronger, or help with managing a change. No two circles are alike. In a Community Circle people come together to talk and plan with a person about what they can do together, A Community Circle can be held in someone’s home, in a church, temple, or school, a restaurant or a pub: anywhere where the person is comfortable, and is a safe place to talk.


How do Community Circles Work diagram

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Keeping track of tasks in a Circle

To help everyone work together to support the person at the heart of the Circle, we’ve partnered with RallyRound, a free website and app designed to help people keep track of things that need doing.



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